• Programming PLC, PAC & HMI

    Programming PLC, PAC & HMI

    Our main domain is the programming of PLC and PAC control systems from Siemens, Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation). We…

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  • Vision systems

    Vision systems

    Quality check of production or products is often a demanding part of the process. Continues checking or checking…

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  • Robotic manipulators

    Robotic manipulators

    Tirelessly and continually working equipment at high speed and accuracy. Robotic manipulators replace the monotonous and hard work…

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  • Electrical drawings design

    Electrical drawings design

    High-quality electrical design documentation speeds up the connection time, creating a clear overview of components, disposition and connection…

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  • Electrical cabinets production

    Electrical cabinets production

    Production of electrical cabinets based on the provided electrical documentation with the possibility of delivering components from the…

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  • Machinery safety

    Machinery safety

    Machinery safety is a very important part of any project that results in a device, machine, or production…

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  • Selecting and delivery automation components

    Selecting and delivery automation compon

    You can take advantage of our experience with various vendors and a variety of applications that we have…

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  • Service-maintenance


    In the event of a fault on the line or machine, our staff is available to solve these…

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  • PLC & HMI programming courses

    PLC & HMI programming courses

    Často sa stretávame s požiadavkou zaškolenia údržby pre potreby diagnostiky programov PLC, z dôvodu rýchlejšieho a adresnejšieho vyhodnotenia…

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  • Safety machinery courses

    Safety machinery courses

    Bezpečnosť strojov zahŕňa množstvo legislatívnych informácií, noriem a pojmov ako posúdenie rizík, analýza rizík, performance level (PL), SIL…

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