Sprue cutting station

Montážna stanica pre strihanie vtokov

Station is designed for checking clips position and sprues cutting on an injection mold plastic parts. First step is clips assembly and then vision checking of clips orientation and position. After successful checking sprues are cutted. Third step is printing labels for both parts and vision checking of labels. Cameras Omron FQ2 Vsision checking of … Read more

Ultrasonic welding station

Ultrasonic welding station - Stanica s ultrazvukovou zváračkou

Station is designed for melting “T” leading parts for rubber, which will secure rubber from falling out of the part. There are two separate processes on the station. First is welding and checking process and second is sprues cutting. On the begining of welding process, parts are checked by vision system, if there are parts, … Read more

Vision system completion control station

Checking camera station

Completing and checking station in one place. To complete the parts they are fixed by vacuum grippers into the nest. Operators were missing many steps and they did not insert all components to parts. By creating completing and checking station we save the space and increase quality of the production what result to less complaints. … Read more

Vision detection quality control station

Camera system is checking straightness of metal contacts on parts. There are two contacts and they are checked separately. Camera Cognex In-Sight Workstation is equipped with camera Cognex In-Sight 2000 and it is connected to existing control system Siemens S7-300. We produced nest for positioning and fixing checking parts. On the bottom of the nest … Read more