Vision system completion control station

Checking camera station

Completing and checking station in one place. To complete the parts they are fixed by vacuum grippers into the nest. Operators were missing many steps and they did not insert all components to parts.

By creating completing and checking station we save the space and increase quality of the production what result to less complaints. Poka-yoke was made by program algorithm. It is not possible to print label, which confirms good inspected part, if there are not all components on the part. Otherwise only supervisor can log in and cancel checking. If part is take out by force, algorithm will stop next procedure until supervisor will not confirm fault.

Checker COGNEX 4G and Omron FQ2

Checking was done by Checker Cognex 4G and later upgraded for three new position with Omron FQ2, all connected to control system Siemenes S7-1200 through Profinet network.