Hydraulic manipulators for steel casting

Many dangerous situations can happen during continuous casting in steel industry. Melted steel with temperature more than 1,500 ° C flows literally on touch to operators, so very high danger is close.

Implementation of modern technology reduce risk to minimum and also rising quality higher.

Hydraulic manipulators are providing very comfort access to shrouds used for continuous casting. Thanks to the enormous power of the hydraulics, this procedure is completely effortless.

HBC Radiomatic remote control

Manipulator control is available via remote control, where all axes are controlled by joysticks or via local pushbuttons on the manipulator. Operators are still in safe also behind the manipualtor, because construction is very robust. Additional value is in remote control, when operators can operate the machine from safe distance, very far away from hot steel.


Rough enviroment need very stable and safe solutions of control system.With Siemens safety PLC, solutions is more modular and variable and also analog safety signals can be used for pressure measurement, what standard safety relay can not provide.

Frequency drives SIEMENS or ABB

Manipulator rotation is only one movement not provided by hydraulic, but with electrical engine with encoder controlled by frequency drive. We had request to use Siemens or ABB frequency drive. We are open to use any provider. All other movements were done by hydraulics.

Electrical documentation

Our company create complete electrical documentation with all componentes specification, what consist from control systems, IO modules, frequency drives and all other electrical components and sensors.

Electrical cabinets production and cabling

With finished electrical documentation and after components delivery we provide electrical cabinets productions and pheripheris connection. When connecting is done, functional test of all connected equipment is made.