Specialized concrete spraying robot

Steel quality produced during continuous casting depends on many steps. To have the highest quality and effectivity every step must be perfectly done also with considering all safety procedures. Preparation of tundish is one of these steps. Spraying of special concrete blend increasing time and amount of uses when tundish can be used.

Concrete blend spraying is very difficult procedure if it is done by man power. Usually one person is not enough. Manual spraying can result to unevenness of the applied layer.

KUKA Robot

Our customer, who is producer of machines to steel industry, asked us to program KUKA robot for this kind of purpose. Complete machine is based on KUKA platform, but construction is custom design, because standard models are not fitting to all requirements of the procedure.

Big advantage of the machine is possibility of the temporal process interruption at any time, adjust mixture and then continue or cancel procedure, what saves lot of used material and increase the quality. At time of installation was machine the most modern spraying machine in factory.