Machinery safety

Machinery safety is a very important part of any project that results in a device, machine, or production line. In our company, we care about safety with high priority. In terms of machinery safety, we can design all necessary safeguards to ensure that your device or line is as safe as possible.

EN ISO 13849-1

Our proposal is based on recommendations with references to European norms or to specific solutions with guards or additional safety components such as optical barriers, door locks, safety switches and many other elements falling into this category. We can help you determine your performance level (PL).

EN ISO 12100 - risk assessment

That's why we can offer you complete risk assessment, risk analysis, safety solutions recommendation, safety feature specification and machine safety consulting.

Evaluation of the designed safety - SISTEMA

The report from the internationally recognized software SISTEMA can be provided as part of the risk assessment output, or separately, by your request. SISTEMA offers an evaluation of the proposed solutions against the required PL performance level. The content of the report is a complete analysis of safety features, blocks and all devices and proven methods and procedures for applying safety features.

Programming safety relays and PLC safety

We offer the possibility to program security algorithms in programmable security systems, whether programmable safety relays or safety PLC.

Stop Time measure

Stop time measurement is used to determine the minimum safety distance required for placement of the machine’s operating controls or safeguarding devices. This is critical when you are using presence sensing devices like light curtains, pressure mats, safety laser scanners and etc. We are using certificated measure device safetyman DT2. With Stop Time measurement you can validate your solution and also peridically check machines. If you are not sure with your calculation, measurement will ideal solution for you.