Safety training

Machinery safety includes a many of legislative informations, standards and terms such as risk assessment, risk analysis, performance level (PL), SIL and other terms. Especially for people starting to working with safety, it makes a big problem from the begining to understand all principles. What all these terms are, what is their meaning, what is the good safety of machines for us and how to create a risk assessment, it is all part of the course we provide.

Norms EN ISO 12100 & EN ISO 13849-1

During course we are going through legislative requirements, basic terms, we are showing different applications and practical examples of safety functions to have better understanding how it works.

Course for SISTEMA

On the end of risk assessment many companies requiere evaluation of safety functions with exported document from SISTEMA to have confirmation about safety design. SISTEMA is internationally accepted software for evaluation of safety design on your machine. SISTEMA can be part of our course.