Vision systems

Quality check of production or products is often a demanding part of the process. Continues checking or checking at the process output is a very important part for the final product quality. Customers often require a high level of product checking and the implementation of this checking prevents a many of problems with the use of products in the next process as well as for complaints. With the properly designed vision checking leads to a large saving of claims in case of complaints. By utilizing of checking is possible to reach not only the reduction the number of claims at the end of process but also a with suitable placement in the production process is possible to avoid the production of a large number of bad pieces.

Checking shapes, dimensions, positions and defects with camera

Camera systems provide a large amount of checking possibilities. From simple applications for presence detection to dimension check, rotation, deformation and other parameters. As necessary, it is possible to design a system with exact customer requirements, due to the required quality and also to the price. We do not try to deliver the cheapest solutions, but the solutions that are paid off. On the other side, we are considering all options and we are not trying to over dimension the systems.

Using vision system, you can:

  • measure dimensions
  • detect the presence of components
  • recognize objects
  • search for deformations, defects
  • control surfaces
  • measure the position
  • recognize colours
  • and other

Reading BAR, QR and 2D codes

A separate category of vision systems are code readers. These can be static or hand and their design and parameters are different. The difference can be found in readability, whether the reader can read one or more types of code, the speed at which it can capture images and the communication interface. Reading of codes is often used in production tracking systems, or by entering product types in the process and many other uses.

Most often we work with vision system brands such as Omron, Keyence, Cognex.