Robotic manipulators

Tirelessly and continually working equipment at high speed and accuracy. Robotic manipulators replace the monotonous and hard work of man and make the production process more efficient in a rapid manner. Their deployment is not widespread only in Slovakia and there is no doubt about their reliability. Robots can be deployed not only at high weights of manipulated loads but also in processes with high precision and speed requirements. By selecting the robot's robust tools, it is possible to perform various tasks simultaneously with one robot arm, thanks to quick-change tools. There are many possibilities of use as manipulation, screwing, painting, welding, grinding and many others.

For your application we can provide the design of the right robot type, its load capacity, ground fixing and also simulation of your applications. We cooperate with renowned suppliers of robotic manipulators such as KUKA, ABB, Fanuc, YASKAWA and others.